Are you interested in starting your own company?

Then this is the position for you.

At Connector Capital we see an overwhelming amount of deals per week. So much so that we're looking for someone to help us automate a lot of our internal processes. We use an array of basic SaaS applications, but those can only go so far. For this position, we're looking for a rockstar developer to join our team and help build applications that will make us more effective.

This position is perfect for you if:

  1. You love building things.
  2. You're excited about startups.
  3. You want to work with an energetic and passionate team.

The skills required for this position are:

  1. React
  2. Python
  3. Google App Engine
  4. sklearn or TensorFlow (Optional)
  5. SquareSpace (Optional)
  6. HubSpot and MailChimp (Optional)


In this position, you'll be building internal applications that work with our existing applications of SquareSpace, HubSpot, and Google Sheets. The purpose of the applications is to better manage deal flow, as well as help entrepreneurs that we do meet VC's in our network.


Is this paid?

Yep, this is an hourly paid position. The hours per week will be approximately 20

Can I work remote?

Yes, but there will be at least one day a week that we will need to have in person meetings.

How much previous skill do I need?

You'll need to be skilled enough to build a web application that can hold users, contacts, and integrate to other SaaS API's. If any of those tasks makes you feel uncomfortable, this is probably not the position for you. If you think that is easy, then you're more then qualified for this role.


If this sounds like a position of interest please apply below. We look forward to working with you!