Are you interested in starting a career in internet marketing? Are you interested in early stage startups?

Then this is the position for you.

Deal flow is everything for Angels and VC's. At Connector Capital we want to expand our internet presence to build awareness about our Angel Network. We're looking for a marketer to help us implement a social media strategy and email marketing campaigns.

This position is perfect for you if:

  1. You love social media. (I.e. you spend most of your time on sites like Twitter, Facebook, SnapChatLinkedIn, etc.)
  2. You're excited about startups. (You either want to work for one or you want to start your own)
  3. You want to work with an energetic and passionate team.

The skills required for this position are:

  1. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.
  2. Google Sheets 
  3. SquareSpace or Coding Experience (Optional)
  4. HubSpot and MailChimp (Optional)

Roles & Responsibilities:

In this position, you'll be using social media accounts to increase Connector Capital awareness. Content creation is the name of the social media game, and we need your help in creating and then distributing the content.

Also consistent follow up is an important way to build a relationship with entrepreneurs and other investors. You'll be using HubSpot and MailChimp to create targeted email campaigns to manage relationships and provide value.


Is this paid?

Yep, this is an hourly paid position. The hours per week will be approximately 20

Can I work remote?

Yes, but there will be at least one day a week that we will need to have in person meetings.

How much previous experience do I need?

While it would be nice if you were already familiar with MailChimp or HubSpot, everything in this position is learnable. We'll judge the right fit based much more on enthusiasm then anything else.


If this sounds like a position of interest please apply below. We look forward to working with you!